Official name: PRO NOBIS Kulturális Szolgáltató LTD.
LOGO: Film & TV Productions

Founded: January 1992
Producer office: 2013 Pomáz, Kandó Kálmán u. 14.
Telephone: (+36-26) 525-350, Fax: (+36-26) 525-351"
Producer: István Juhász
Member of the Hungarian Producers Association (HPA)

Short History

We gave production crews to more than 60 TV productions.
"The Seven Headed Dragon" - 13 part series about cancer,
the "Sermon On The Mount" - biblical wandering in the Holy Land, and at the Meteoras with much music and "Endre Szász" - an exciting reportage with the 70 year old master, were our own productions.
Meantime we produce documentary films and commercials as well.
As a production company we took part in the following productions, without the claim of completeness:

Feature films:
The Belgrade Phantom - Serbian/Hungarian/Bulgarian (coproducer) - Director Jovan Todorovic
The Paul Street Boys - 2002. Italian - Director Maurizio Zaccaro
Perlasca - 2001. Italian/Hungarian/French - Director Alberto Negrin
The Flower Of The Lake - 1999. Greek/Bulgarian/Hungarian (coproducer)
Jurij - 1999. Italian - Director Stefano Gabrini
The Phantom of the Opera - 1998. Italian - Director Dario Argento
Valentin - 1994. German
Isaak Albeniz - 1994. German
Brigitta - 1993. German

Social documentaries:
Broken On The Wheel - 2008.
Money Man - 2008.
Open Ways - Hungarian
Dead See Scrolls - 1998. American
Kalocsa Challenge - 1998. Hungarian
The Seven Headed Dragon - 1997.
Endre Szász - 1995.

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Musical wonderings:
Apostole Paul
Sermon on the Mount
Once upon a time...

Heart robbery