Name: Ida Viola Regéczy
Professional studies: OPAKFI (Filmtechnical school ) 3 years

Since 1968 Colour timer in the Hungarian Filmlaboratories.
1975 - Co-director and filmtechnical advisor of "The Dark Side of the Moon" ,
UNICA winner amateur film.
1992 - Founded PRO NOBIS Productions with István Juhász.

Since 2002 I work for Kodak Cinelab Hungary.

It would be difficult to list the innumerable films I worked in. In the past thirty-some years I worked for most of the Hungarian d.o.p-s, many of them, from the very youngest - students of the Film Academy - to the "Great Olds" choose me to be the colourist of their films.
In alphabetical order, without the claim of completeness:

Ferenc Grunwalsky
Sándor Kardos
Lajos Koltai (when working in Hungary)
András Nagy
Ferenc Pap
Vilmos Zsigmond (when working in Hungary)

Budapest, May 2009.

Name: István Juhász
Original trade: optician.
Professional studies: OPAKFI (film technical school) 3 years
Scenario Writers' Collegium (MAFILM) 2 years
Academy of Dramatic and Cinematic Art 4 years
Foreign languages: English, German

1973-77 - Colour timer at the Hungarian Filmlaboratories.
1975. Won the First Prize ("Amateur Oscar") and the Audience's Prize of UNICA with my short fiction film "The Dark Side of the Moon".
1977-81 - Production manager at KGM Filmstudio.
1981-87 - Production manager at MAFILM Educational and Documentary Studios.
1987-91 - Head Production Manager and Line Producer at the Academy of Dramatic and Cinematic Art. Meanwhile I managed more than 500 productions in all forms.
1991 - Graduation.
1992 - independent producer and production manager, founded PRO NOBIS productions
2005 - production director at DUNA Television

In the last 17 years I, with my team managed about 60 TV productions from live show programs via magazine series to art programs in the Hungarian Television. Until now I had three individual initiative, self-produced programmes, two of them in coproduction with the Hungarian Television, and a lot more for cable TVs. I also produced innumerable Hungarian and International commercials and documentaries.
I was production manager / production supervisor / twice coproducer in 11 international feature films.

Budapest, May 2009.